Saturday, 19 March 2016

Am I a leader? Am I a thought leader?

Task: To create a 1 minute video stating what we believe knowledge is, using the group's physical representation of knowledge.

Creating a video from scratch using an unfamiliar programme was difficult as we had to work out the tricks and pitfalls.  Deciding upon which programme took time, as did uploading the photos needed.  If a programme had been decided upon quickly, we may have finished the task more quickly.  Next time, it will be important to quickly decide on the programme, preferably a programme that someone had used before.

After completing the task, we reflected on how we led and how we followed during the task.

How did I lead during this task?
I contributed and offered ideas about which video editing programmes were available, I asked the other group members what programmes they had and if they had used them before.  I also considered all ideas offered by other group members. When it came to editing the photos into a video it became apparent that the other members of my group had little knowledge of using editing programmes, so I offered the two options that I had and used the option that worked the quickest.

How did I follow during this task?

During the task I listened to all of others’ ideas and opinions. When having difficulty editing the video, I listened to the other members, and tried using their solutions to the problems.

When reflecting on the task, I feel that I led more than followed as I appeared to have the most experience needed for this task. However, I made sure that I didn't 'railroad' any of the other group members into using a particular programme, although if a decision needed to be made I made the call if no one else appeared to know what to do. I feel that every group member had an equal voice and was heard.